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Sport Events

sport events netherlands

Team Accomodation, Logistics and Hospitality

When you take part in a sports event as a professional athlete or sports team, or even as a manager, a journalist or a photographer, a lot of different things come into play. You want to focus on the event itself without having to worry about your accommodation, transport and arranging the right facilities. Partnering with Holland Destination Travel Service means partnering with an experienced and qualified tour operator that knows what it takes to handle such events. We have valuable experience in arranging and managing all the necessary services and facilities for sports professionals. HDTS will take care of your every need so you can focus fully on the event ahead. You won’t have to think of anything else before, during or after the event.

Total support

Footballers, trainers, managers, athletes and the press enjoy great hospitality, team accommodation, logistics and anything else they may need. Our experience ensures that you get what you need and, just as important, will not be bothered by all manner of side issues. HDTS understands that it is your performance that counts, so we will do everything we can to ensure you can deliver, manage or capture a top-notch performance. Arsenal, Fulham and Newcastle United are among the English football clubs that have already enjoyed our services in the Netherlands during their Champions League or Europa League campaigns.

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