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Technical Visits / Special Interest

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Organizing on preferences

It is perfectly possible that your wishes, needs or demands go beyond the ordinary. It may be that your group is planning to visit Holland for a very specific purpose, in which case ordinary programmes and standard solutions may not suffice. Holland Destination Travel Service understands that you need a dedicated partner who fully understands the purpose of your visit, which is why we specialise in technical visits and special interest tours.

Exclusive travel

When visiting our country for a technical visit or a site inspection, you can rely on HDTS to support your group with tailor-made solutions that fit your needs. Not only do we take care of every aspect of your visit, we also assist you with any questions you may have. Apart from our own extensive knowledge, we know all the local partners who may be of assistance in providing you with the information you need.

Culture Activities

Apart from arranging the more generic tours, excursions and activities, HDTS is a leading tour operator when it comes to creating tailor-made programmes. We can arrange any type of special interest tour, be it architecture, history or horticulture, for instance. Our extensive knowledge and resources are made to match the specific character of your special interest tour.

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